The consolidation of the identity of natural cosmetics, the differentiation from green-washed products and sustainability as a traditional feature of the natural cosmetics trade, were among the key issues that were highlighted at the fifth edition of the Natural and Organic Cosmetics Conference, which was held in Berlin on September 24-25, 2013. The event gathered more than 150 participants from 11 countries.

Elfriede Dambach and Udo Funke, Vivaness, open the Natural Cosmetics...

Elfriede Dambach and Udo Funke, Vivaness, open the Natural Cosmetics Conference 2013

Consumer behaviour appeared to be at the centre of brands and retailers concerns. Where do consumers shop and why, what are the buying motives and what does this entail for retail and brands?

With a neuroscientific view, Bert M. Ohnemüller, managing director of the Neuromerchandising Group in Frankfurt, focused on the Point of Sale (POS). His presentation about emotionalism at the POS pointed out the available potential and urged to increasingly promote the benefits of natural cosmetics. Inspiring ideas for the POS were also offered by Jens Lönneker, owner and managing director of the market research institute Rheingold Salon in Cologne, showcasing a realistic view of customers, the decision making processes and buying motives, based on depth psychology. Beyond national borders, Moritz Aebersold, Contura Consulting, Basel, and Ewa Grigar, Kline International, provided insights about the emerging organic cosmetic markets in Asia and the US.

Sustainability was another central focus of the conference, where speakers tried to determine whether it would be enough to fuel market growth in the future. An answer was that natural cosmetics have to take on a distinct position and that only concepts that go beyond the classic marketing issues will allow a successful and distinct positioning of the organic cosmetics trade.

Alban Muller, President of Alban Muller International, campaigned for...

Alban Muller, President of Alban Muller International, campaigned for closer cooperation between France and Germany

Uniting industry insiders and other experts allowed for stimulating food for thought, which may be foward-looking for the organic cosmetics market. Due to the value shift in the society and the increasing competition, organic cosmetics are facing immense challenges, which need to be met with credibility as well as with innovative new concepts,” said Elfriede Dambacher, program chairwoman and organic cosmetics expert.

The next edition of the Natural Cosmetics Conference will be held on October 7-8, 2014, at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin. Simultaneous translation in German and English will be provided.