Ki’Leaft is a 100% natural COSMOS-certified extract of kiwi (Actinidia chinensis) leaves. The new active ingredient is upcycled [1] from crop by-products from farms located near the Berkem Group’s extraction plant, in Dordogne, in the south-west of France.

Sugars and polyphenols

According to Berkem, Ki’Leaft meets market needs in new naturel active ingredients offering antioxidant, firming and regenerative properties, while also reinforcing the skin’s barrier function.

The culmination of 10 years of research and development Ki’Leaft is an active ingredient rich in sugars and containing polyphenols [2].

Clinical studies have shown that Ki’Leaft provides an immediate tightening effect, contributes to skin regeneration, and strengthens the skin’s barrier function and structure. It also shows a high antioxidant capacity.

Ki’Leaft meets the cosmetics market’s expectations by offering benefits for the facial care market (serum, face treatments, etc.) which has experienced annual worldwide growth of 10% since 2020, [3]” highlights Berkem.

Upcycling and short supply chains

Located near the main French kiwifruit farms, the Berkem factory in Gardonne, in the south-west of France, benefits from an easily accessible source of raw materials from controlled and certified organic cultivation. Indeed, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region accounts for 75% of French kiwi production.

While the leaf picked with the fruit is mostly discarded during harvest, the new active ingredient developed by the Berkem Group brings this renewable resource to a second and high-value life.

With 30 years of experience in plant extraction, Groupe Berkem, a developer of plant-based chemistry solutions, constantly seeks to be a pioneer of innovative solutions in the field of health, beauty and nutrition sectors. The development of this new active ingredient with remarkable benefits by upcycling meets the demands of our customers in the cosmetics industry, both professionals and major brands, while also illustrating our Group’s CSR commitments,” says Charlène Martin, Marketing Manager, Groupe Berkem.