The French copany specializing in bio-based chemistry has signed an agreement with Indchem International, a major global supplier of cosmetic ingredients for the beauty sector, for the distribution of its cosmetic ingredients in India.

"Aware of the strong growth potential of the Indian market and the need to bring naturalness to cosmetic products to guarantee their quality and performance, we are very proud to be able to rely on solid partners such as Indchem International, which enjoys a strong local footprint, to ensure the distribution of Groupe Berkem’s cosmetic ingredients, and to participate in the naturalization of the cosmetics market, which is undergoing rapid transformation, while strengthening our international presence,” said Éric Moussu, Vice President of Sales of Groupe Berkem.

Total sales of the Indian cosmetics industry was estimated at EUR 5.49 billion in 2019, with ambitions to triple to EUR 17.8 billion by 2025. The rise of the middle class and its purchasing power, the expansion of sales channels, the influence of celebrities, and the search for alternative outlets to China, are all factors expected to strengthen demand for high-end cosmetic products [1].

With this new distribution agreement, Groupe Berkem continues extending its international coverage via specialized distributors. It follows those signed in June with Azelis for Thailand and Korea, in April with Kreglinger for the United Kingdom, in March with Unipex for Benelux and Switzerland, or with Barentz in November 2022 for Canada and the United States.

"We constantly support our customers and strive to be a one-stop solution provider. Our expertise in identifying specific products enables our customers to stand out in the markets they address. Thanks to leading global players in plant-based chemistry like Groupe Berkem, we can reinforce this unique offer of quality products, and enable our customers to strengthen their position in the markets they address via high-end ingredients," added Tavleen Sainathan, Director of IndChem International.