At the in-cosmetics tradeshow, held in Paris from April 12th to 14th 2016, Berkem unveiled its new botanical extracts and floral waters range: Botanykem. For the French plant extraction expert, the aim was to places the power of the botanical world at the service of beauty through a wide range of exotic and traditional French plants carefully selected for their reputation or ancestral use, and compatible with any water-based cosmetic formulas.

Environmental friendly extraction

The botanical extracts are obtained from an eco-friendly low temperature extraction process with a short kinetic that extracts maximum molecules while maintaining efficiency. Preservative-free and based on a glycerin and water form, they are a natural source of active molecules (flavonoids, tannins, vitamins, AHA, saponins, carotenoids, and so on).

As for floral waters, extracted by distillation and source of aromatic molecules, they will boost formulas by bringing ‘active water’.

French Beauty Routine

On the occasion of the in-cosmetics tradeshow, these ingredients have been showcased through the French Beauty Routine formulation concept. “The French woman embodies an inspiring ideal of femininity. She also represents elegance and beauty,” explained the company.

Four formulas were developed. Each one includes two botanical extracts and one floral water:

- Waking-up! Toning shower gel. To stimulate the body and the senses thanks to an invigorating scent and a yellowish flashy colour.
- Preparing! Soothing serum. To regenerate and calm the skin.
- Nourishing! Moisturizing gel cream. To nourish the skin, even complexion and bring a fresh effect.
- Protecting! Protective hand cream. Its butter-like texture moisturizes and protects the skin against environmental aggressions.

"The variety of these formulas demonstrates our new range is suitable for hygiene and care products both for the body and the face," highlighted Julie Droux, marketing manager, Berkem.

Berkemyol potentilla awarded by BSB

Berkem’s anti-aging Berkemyol potentilla active ingredient scooped the third prize during the BSB Innovation Awards ceremony that took place during this year In-cosmetics in Paris.

Since 2003, the consulting company BSB, created by Dr. Jan-H. Riedel, awards every year the best cosmetic product and raw material innovations alongside the In-cosmetics tradeshow.

Berkemyol potentilla active ingredient, took third place in the category « Natural products - most innovative raw material ». Obtained by a patented technology, Berkemyol potentilla is a highly purified active ingredient extracted from potentilla rhizomes, rich in stabilized polyphenols. With anti-aging and antioxidant properties, it also has anti-glycation activity clinically proven.

In 2015, Berkemyol potentilla already won the Advanced Ingredient Award.