Leading Brazilian manufacturer and supplier of natural ingredients, Beraca has partnered with Germany-based Dr. Straetmans and Italian company Indena, two prominent manufacturers of sustainable ingredients in Europe, to exclusively distribute their products in the Brazilian market.

Beraca’s decision to distribute ingredients from both companies emerged from similar business philosophies and strategic operational lines. “Both Dr. Straetmans and Indena are committed to manufacturing and distributing natural, effective, and high quality products in agreement with sustainable practices,” said Filipe Sabará, business director at Beraca.

Dr. Straetmans started distributing Beraca’s products in German and Austria about a year ago and the partnership has been yielding excellent results. Now Beraca chose to bring the same synergy to the Brazilian market, which recorded a growth of over 12% in 2010.

Regarding Indena, Sabará explains the company is specialized in the development of botanical active ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industry. “Its success is mainly attributed to investments in R&D, which involves mapping of medicinal plants, identification of new ingredients and development of extraction and purification methods in industrial processes,” he said.

In addition to the two new partners, Beraca also carries the exclusive distribution of products from France-based company Greentech and the German Henry Lamotte in Brazil.