The launch features a palette of five naturally coloured clays for mineral cosmetics - Ivory, Beige, Bronze, Caramel and Ebony. These five shades allow to mix customize more than 3,000 colour combinations adapted to the different skin tones, claims Beraca.

Vegan and multifunctional ingredient

The shades in the Berashades palette with meets vegan claims and offer good coverage, allowing a more natural appearance and matte effect, in addition to stable colour resulting from a micronization process. [1]

As a mineral ingredient, they also offer detoxifying and a remineralizing effect, adds the Brazilian company.

Efficacy tests

The skin barrier protection offered by Berashades was assessed in a TEWL Test that showed a significant reduction of transepidermal water loss, thus demonstrating the ability of the ingredient to ensure skin integrity and hydration.

Additionally, a cutometer test to study skin firmness showed improved firmness after seven consecutive days.

Online tool

In parallel, Beraca also launched an online tool, The Berashades Mixer, which is a digital platform that allows formulators to create their own shades with simultaneous access to different levels of benefits delivered by the ingredient, such as hydration, skin ́s barrier function and firmness. This technology aims to assist professionals in each of the tones created, in particular in order to reduce time-to-market.

Wide range of applications

Berashades was designed for use in a wide range of cosmetic products, including makeup (mascara, foundation, concealer, compact powder, tanning powder, contour palette), hair care (powdered or dry coloured shampoo, root retouch), skin care (tanning oil, cream and moisturizer, BB cream, CC cream).

Clays are a major trend in the cosmetics industry. According to Mintel GNPD, the number of global skin care products containing clay has grown by 27% in the last five years, reaching 819 launches in 2020. For hair care, the growth was 62% in the last two years, registering 232 new products in 2020.