Marie-Pierre Schmitz

Marie-Pierre Schmitz

Benta Berry, the cosmetic brand dedicated to young skins on the five continents, created by Marie-Pierre Schmitz in April 2010 and marketed in France in concept stores and pharmacies, is now present in the United States via Birchbox, which mail the products all around the country. Benta Berry is also distributed in two concept stores in New York. In Asia, the start-up has set foot in Singapore and is now targeting Korea and Japan where it seeks to develop its business on a door-to-door basis and via social media.

Benta Berry, which offers to address specific skin problems from young people from 12 to 28 years of age using 100% natural actives, is not worried about its possible lack of international legitimacy and has chosen a decidedly multi-ethnic approach because "if the skin of young people differs from the one of adults the world over, it has the same characteristics. "And finally, in the whole world, small or big skin problems concern 80% of people between 12 and 24 years of age!

To best meet the needs of adolescents and young adults, Benta Berry products were developed with the help of Naima Zerrouk, Doctor of Pharmacy, Teacher Researcher at the University of Paris Descartes, head of the University’s European Master of Cosmetology.

Entirely manufactured in France, including their packaging, products claim to be practical, easy to use and nomadic too to match the lifestyle of young people. Thus, the 30 ml tubes slip easily into a pocket to be used everywhere, at high school, during evenings, and on weekends. The range includes a line for girls, one for boys and a unisex line for problem skins. In addition to skin care products, a range of scented products is also available.

Besides an affordable price positioning, the brand also seeks to adapt its distribution and marketing discourse to the lifestyles and behaviours of young people it targets. Internet and social networks obviously have a central place in this strategy. Benta Berry is also negotiating with the University of Kyushu in Japan, to sign a partnership of social business.