Beiersdorf’s Research & Development has launched a new web platform in order to provide its external partners with a better integration in the company’s innovation process. Beiersdorf’s aim is to strengthen its innovation ability by increasing the external knowledge exchange in the research and development of product formulas and packaging.

Named Pearlfinder and accessible at, the confidential web platform will operate as a place to exchange on R&D issues. A selected group of Beiersdorf researchers and employees from the packaging department will regularly publish open briefings for which external partners can offer solutions. At the same time, the protected side of the platform also supports confidential collaboration and scientific exchange between external partners and Beiersdorf’s Research & Development team.

Beiersdorf has always been open to innovative ideas from the outside,” said Klaus-Peter Wittern, Head of Research & Development at Beiersdorf. “With Pearlfinder we are opening ourselves to these external ideas even more directly. In this way we can work not only with universities, cooperative partners, and other companies, but also with individual inventors and scientists.

This year the Pearlfinder network will be continually expanded and further colleges, companies, and institutes all over the world will be invited to participate.