Beiersdorf has launched a revised version of Pearlfinder, its open innovation platform. Created four years ago, the online platform invites external partners to submit their new raw materials, technologies and ideas to the German group’s researchers.

270 external partners

Our community includes suppliers from diverse industries as well as institutes, universities and scientists. With Pearlfinder we enable a collaborative and confidential exchange in a secure environment,” says Katrin Thiel, who manages the platform together with Manja Stroech.

Katrin Thiel and Manja Stroech, Beiersdorf

Katrin Thiel and Manja Stroech, Beiersdorf

The platform has been completely overhauled in the last few months in order to simplify the way registered users can submit innovative ideas and get in touch with Beiersdorf scientists.

With better usability and an attractive new design we also hope to expand our circle of cooperation partners for Beiersdorf. Currently there are 270 external partners registered. Our users have already contributed many valuable innovation ideas and solutions about half of which are followed up on annually. Some of the submitted ideas have already led to promising cooperative research - some with new partners - that without Pearlfinder we probably would have never stumbled upon,” says Stroech.


Katrin Thiel and Manja Stroech trace the high quality of the ideas back to the platform’s approach to confidentiality. On Pearlfinder each registered community member can submit ideas without having to fear they will be misused. This is guaranteed by a confidentiality agreement between Beiersdorf and the Pearlfinder user made during registration.

Beiersdorf also hope that the new Pearlfinder will encourage the exchange of ideas across industries, including the food and paint industries where the group has identified interesting overlaps.