In an effort to accelerate its efforts on climate and resource protection and bolster the impact of sustainable skin care, the Germ beauty group has acquired natural cosmetics brand Stop The Water While Using Me!

Through this partnership, the two Hamburg-based companies intend to jointly “intensify the impact of sustainable skin care and to further their commitment to climate and resource protection.” In particular, they plan to work closely together to develop joint sustainability initiatives in the future and create high-impact solutions for more sustainable action.

The Hamburg-based cosmetics line joined the Beiersdorf brand family as of February

Since its creation in 2011, Stop The Water While Using Me! has been developing biodegradable skin care products and refillable systems. The product range comprises solid, waterless body and hair care products as well as shower, hand, body and oral hygiene items.

Stop The Water While Using Me! will strengthen the Beiersdorf brand family with innovative, natural skin care and the know-how of a highly dedicated team – the brand name embodies a purpose that has been lived authentically since the label was created. We are investing in the brand’s vision and ideas because we believe that we can make a difference by joining forces,” said Iain Holding, General Manager of Beiersdorf Germany/Switzerland. “Together we can combine our complementary expertise, beliefs and talents to drive sustainability projects and skin care with true added value for both consumers and the environment. We are pleased that Stop The Water While Using Me! has joined our Beiersdorf community and are looking forward to expanding our sustainability commitments in line with our C.A.R.E.+ strategy.

Stop The Water While Using Me! will continue to be managed as an independent business, said Beiersdorf in a release.

We believe that our partnership with Beiersdorf will be a win-win-win for all sides. Beiersdorf will provide us with a working environment where we can independently advance our purpose work, spread the message of Stop The Water While Using Me! and maximize our sustainability ambitions with a strong partner at our side. This enables us to generate an impact with our ideas much faster,” said Nina Witt, CEO of Stop The Water While Using Me!