Gabriele Fuchs

Gabriele Fuchs

Premium Beauty News - One year after its launch, what is the outcome for in France?

Gabriele Fuchs - We are overwhelmed by the support of the French beauty editors and never expected to gain so many new contacts, now reaching more than 1,400 all over France. Our users are from highly exclusive magazines to daily newspapers, websites and the relevant women’s magazines and blogs and trade magazines as well as freelancers - so all media types want to benefit from a quicker and easier research. We also saw a rapid growth of page views with a plus of 43% and especially of downloads with +114%. For our clients are downloads even more important as they will lead into publications. Till today we have already more than 100 beauty brands and getting more every month. Many companies are looking for an international solution of their PR strategy - just what we can offer.

Premium Beauty News - What are the specifics of your offer?

Gabriele Fuchs - We are the only PR network covering the 5 leading markets with a concept that is completely compatible with the principles of the classic PR. Giving access for beauty editors only, excluding all parties as trade and consumers. Brands can only see their own press materials but none of the competitors. The brands can select the media they want to communicate with and can limit their access to others. Thus we can deliver a individually measured media list even apt for luxury brands offering them the privacy and security they expect. By the way there is no competitor on an international scale so we are unique in what we do.

Premium Beauty News - Indeed, Beautypress also has branches in Germany ( and in the United States ( What are the synergies between the different offices?

Gabriele Fuchs - As we have teams in all these countries we can fully cover all major show and events and work very intensively with the big associations e.g. as the Fragrance Foundation, ICMAD, HBA Global, MakeUp in Paris, MakeUp in New York, the Make Up Show in the US and in Europe, the FEBEA and Beyond Beauty in France as the VKE and the IKW in Germany.

Premium Beauty News - What are your prospects for growth?

Gabriele Fuchs - Every year we invest about 15% of our revenues in new technologies and updates- as the new design with a wider screen in 2012. Additional services as the drop-box–function, the topic of the week and our expert pools are highly accepted. We experience each year a double-digit growth - amazing in itself after 12 years on the market. And of course we are looking into new countries in Europe as overseas. The goal is to develop the network faster and we are searching for partners with the same enthusiasm and vigour.