Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Philippe de Brugière, Daniel Saclier

Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Philippe de Brugière, Daniel Saclier

Since January 2010, it is well over 300 people in total who will have gathered at the Café l’Ecluse near the Place Charles de Gaulle - Etoile around the most various topics ranging from challenges for the preservation of the environment to the impact of new EU regulations including the importance of vocational training. From the outset members of the Club also launched several focus groups, one to reflect on sustainable development and the other, in partnership with several Grandes Ecoles, to reflect on several key strategic themes of the time including the training of young people.

During the Club’s General Assembly, which took place last week in Paris, Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, its President, thanked all the members of the Club for their loyalty "and this despite the tough economic times the entire industry was going through in 2009 where the aim was primarily to resist an unprecedented financial and economic crisis." "But precisely it is during times of crisis that the existence of such a Club makes sense." he added. Not so simple, in fact, to try and escape from the daily pressure of the market in order to try and reflect together for a few hours, but yet so rewarding!

Among the key undertakings made at this General Assembly: to keep and develop this breakfast formula that is so successful, to continue to work with quality speakers and to develop the diversity of issues while seeking to organise an annual breakfast on the economic trends of the industry, trends in the world of beauty, of fashion or design and on the evolution of regulations, while keeping an eye on what is happening in other industries.

A close partnership with the Grandes Ecoles and a new website

Second axis for the BeautyFULL Club, activate a close and regular partnership with some Grandes Ecoles by giving them a number of strategic studies that can only serve the entire industry. “The main partner schools, explained Philippe de Brugière, Vice President, are ESCP, Ecole Boule, ESIEC of Reims, the ENSCI of Paris and the Ecole Centrale de Paris.

And nothing exist nowadays without a attractive website! "This is almost achieved,” announced Daniel Saclier, Vice President of the Club. A structured website with both an open space for all visitors (online membership applications, a summary of the Club’s activities and some material on the Club’s participations) and a section for members (members’ personal profiles, a directory, a full presentation of the Club’s Breakfasts, advanced research for onsite information, downloads and access to photos and videos).

"Of course, recalled Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, such a club can only exist because of the commitment of each of its member to keep it going and make it grow. It is necessary that each of us relays the club’s actions, is actively involved in the development of ideas and participates to the debate that they will surely generate." A network concept where some European countries are performing better than others. "Well, precisely, we should pick out the good ideas and good dynamics where we can find them! " The goal being for 2012, to reach 70 to 80 members! "Of course, insisted Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, an increase in the number of members can only be the fruit of quality meetings, debates of ideas and the value added brought to the entire industry."