Beauty Yaurient innovates again with a range of makeup brushes to be placed on the thumb or index finger for simple, practical and precise application.

In addition, a series of applicators with silicone, foam or fibre tips allows the application of different skin care textures, with as much precision as a finger, without risk of product contamination.

On the occasion of Luxe Pack Monaco, from October 2 to 4, 2023, the Chinese manufacturer of beauty brushes and applicators will also present its complete ranges of standard and custom-designed products, such as its brushes with tufts that are artfully cut to look like flowers or with handles displaying exuberant shapes in a wide variety of materials (metal, wood, polymers imitating porcelain, etc.).

Alongside its brushes and applicators, Beauty Yaurient recently introduced various high-end massage instruments with jade tips, providing a cool effect when in contact with skin. These products were rewarded at the latest MakeUp in New York trade show.