Henkel Salon Lab

Awarded at the CES 2018, the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab launched by Henkel Beauty Care is an ecosystem of connected devices that measure hair condition as well as hair colour to provide hyper-personalized products and services. The hand-held Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab Analyzer measures inner hair quality, moisture level and true hair colour, sends the information to the SalonLab Consultant App, which steers the individual care solution recipe and real-time on-site production of customized hair care products via the SalonLab Customizer. Read more.

Baracoda’s CareOS and Magik toothbrush

The Baracoda Group and Colgate have designed a connected toothbrush for children. The brush uses augmented reality to gamify the brushing, offering 15 different games to turn teeth brushing into an adventure. Read more.

At the CES, Baracoda also showcased CareOS, an operating system for connected objects and services dedicated to the bathroom’s health, well-being and beauty devices. The system allows users to follow and understand their habits by unifying all connected devices into a single, simplified user-friendly interface.

La Roche-Posay UV Sense

L’Oréal’s has launched UV Sense, a new (and limited) edition of La Roche Posay’s My UV Patch. UV Sense is the first battery-free wearable electronic sensor to measure individual UV exposure. The small device (two millimetres thick, nine millimetres in diameter) designed to be worn for up to two weeks on the thumbnail and able store up to three months of data. Read more.

Neutrogena Skin 360

At the CES in Las Vegas, Neutrogena has debuted a sophisticated skin imaging technology that allows consumers to measure what’s happening above and below their skin’s surface. The Neutrogena Skin360 app and the accompanying SkinScanner powered by FitSkin give users an in depth understanding of their skin’s condition and needs, customized advice to address those needs, plus a clear way to track and assess skin’s progress over time. Read more.

Foreo’s UFO

Swedish beauty startup Foreo has launched a glamour gadget that resembles a tiny alien spacecraft. The puck-shaped device fits easily in the palm of a hand to offer a full facial experience in only 90 seconds. Combining LED light therapy with cryo-therapy, thermo-therapy and T-Sonic pulsations activated via a smartphone, Foreo’s UFO is described as the world’s first smart mask treatment. Read more.

Romy Paris

The French company has showcased a new version of its machine designed to create highly-customised skin care products. More compact, the device can now be used by more than one person to meet the needs of the whole family. Read more.


Designed by Israel-based Agan Aroma company, the home IoT scent diffusing device Moodo lets consumers control the olfactory feeling the want in any room using capsules and a smartphone app. Read more.


Development firm Cambridge Consultants has unveiled a new application for its Skintuition technology platform: providing personalised recommendations to consumers for achieving the best results from skincare and cosmetic products. Skintuition now helps consumers to identify the exact shades of concealer and foundation to hide blemishes in their skin, based on their natural skin colour and the lighting conditions they want to look their best in - whether that’s in daylight or under fluorescent lighting when out at night. Read more.