After a lipstick customization instrument in 2021, and a new home hair color technology last year, L’Oréal unveiled at CES 2023 two new technology prototypes intended to facilitate make-up application: HAPTA, the first handheld, ultra-precise computerized makeup applicator designed to advance the beauty needs of people with limited hand and arm mobility; and L’Oréal Brow Magic, the first at-home electronic eyebrow makeup applicator that provides users with customized brow looks in seconds.

For L’Oréal, the future of beauty is inclusive. And this future will be made more accessible by technology,” said Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO of the L’Oréal Groupe.

A makeup applicator for users with limited mobility

Still under development, HAPTA is intended to help people who live with limited fine motor skills to steadily apply lipstick at home thus reinforcing their autonomy and self-confidence. The new device will incorporate technology originally created by Verily to stabilize and level food utensils.

HAPTA’s leveling device will be piloted with L’Oréal-owned Lancôme in 2023, first with a lipstick applicator followed by additional makeup applications in the future.

Professional-like results for eyebrows

L’Oréal Brow Magic is an electronic makeup applicator promises users to shape their own eyebrows as well as a professional would.

Developed in partnership with the tech company Prinker — a pioneer in printed, non-permanent tattoos — the device uses 2,400 tiny nozzles and a printing technology with up to 1,200 drops per inch (dpi) printing resolution. Thanks to L’Oréal’s Modiface AR technology, L’Oréal Brow Magic scans the user’s face and makes recommendations for microblading, micro-shading, or filler effects.

The strength of L’Oréal’s beauty tech program is supported through the quality of our partnerships,” highlighted Guive Balooch, L’Oréal Global Head of Research and Innovation’s Tech Incubator. “Often, we find a brilliant technology that is being applied to something outside the beauty realm. Combining L’Oréal’s heritage of beauty with these advanced technologies allows us to create entirely new beauty gestures—reimagining the original technology, and the traditional beauty experience, in the process.