"Beauty snacking", this short beauty moment that combines relaxation and pleasure, to break the routine of homeworking, is one of the major trends of the moment, according to WGSN.

A wellness break

This phenomenon was born from the boredom of the first lockdowns during which consumers learned to intersperse their tiring and endless days of online work, with cocooning moments in their bathroom: a moment in the bathtub, a charcoal mask applied to the face, a scrub or a home hair treatment…

Between two contracts, reports, or videoconferences, these micro sessions of self-care aimed to take an invigorating, energizing break, that helped to avoid the monotony of this period of social distancing.

Contrary to what one might have imagined, heading back to the office didn’t really alter these new habits adopted by women and men during lockdowns. The trend is not about applying a quick face mask in the middle of the open space, it is about using certain — more discreet — products at any time of the day to give one’s morale, as well as one’s skin, a boost. WGSN describes it as "micro beauty moments" to "break up the homeworking lifestyle or create moments of pleasure."

What kind of products is it about?

There are a multitude of products that are perfectly suited to this new practice, and more are expected to arrive in 2022: lip balm and scrub, rapid face masks, eye masks and patches, etc.

Among the cosmetics best suited to this trending routine are none other than moisturizing mists and sprays that do not affect one’s makeup. Dry shampoos can be used between two meetings, while a multitude of tools for the face such as the famous jade or rose quartz stone rollers, and tools used for gua sha massage can be used for a quick, relaxing swipe.

According to WGSN, ‘beauty snacking’ will also take on a more literal definition with edible skincare in the shape of sweets and health bars that will continue to grow at fast pace in 2022.