To provide the best support to its customers along their new product development projects, the Dieter Bakic studies and monitors the primary packaging key trends in several countries. The group can rely on an integrated design agency and a global sample library in Munich. Eventually, Dieter Bakic Enterprises shares its various expertise with its customers to help them addressing consumers’ needs.

As far as skin care products are concerned, Dieter Bakic has found four main trends:

  1. Packaging with design renewing the way consumers use them. Out of classic cylindrical and straight shapes, this trend gives opportunities to get bigger surface for communication and to strengthen the brand identity. Some new printing techniques on bottles or pumps also allow to get a finer aesthetic.
  2. Technical packaging: in addition to the Airless, many specific packaging products help « expert brands » or « niche brands » to promote a skin diagnostic and personalized care. For instance: double bottle containers for mixing formulas before and after use, or modern materials to innovate for a unique brand.
  3. « Labelled » packaging : in a context of growing law complexities, changes of ingredients and sales internationalization, more and more brands look use labels on packs for rationalization and flexibility reasons. Improvement made by labelling enable new possibilities with a higher quality (like domed labels)
  4. Wider packaging ranges, with more choice of capacities: to answer rising needs for on the go products (smaller contents) or professional products / family products (bigger contents, over 400 ml).