Topline Products-Primapack is pursuing its collaboration with Lancôme and is offering a new version of the Magic Voyage case. Despite its small size, the case offers a choice of several make-up shades for eyes and lips with applicators.

Made for on-the-go use, the make-up palette made of ABS SAN features two levels: compact powders for the eyes on top and filled formula for lips underneath. According to Topline, his means that both formulas remain separate and impeccably clean, even during travel.

The top of the case features six square cups and two applicators, which is protected by a magnetic closure top. The level underneath slides out to unveil three glosses in rectangular cups. This design allows the combination of six eye shades and three for lips, including applicators and a mirror.

In terms of its design, Magic Voyage in Love features pure lines reinforced by the brand’s intense black that is punctuated with a hot pink base on the upper part with a line drawn around the case.

The decorative touch is Lancôme’s emblematic rose that illuminates the top using hot-stamped holographic film.