Clinique ID and its « Clinical Reality »

If customization is the secret garden of natural and niche brands, Clinique has just restored balance with a real innovation and new packaging for its iconic product DDML (Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion) accompanied with a digital app Clinical Reality: an individualized questionnaire to help women customize their beauty regime. This launch will be the biggest since Even Better in 2010. You choose a base - three choices are offered (Hydrating Jelly, Lotion, or Oil-control gel), that you combine with one of five colored cartridges of booster serum that treat five problems: irritation, large pores, skin irregularities, tired skin, and lines and wrinkles. You place the booster serum cartridge in the center of the vial. The two formulas are distributed at the same time by a pump, which produces a blend of 90% base and 10% active ingredient.

To respond to the expectations of generation Y, the Clinical Reality digital app will soon be launched. It consists of a questionnaire that will enable women to customize their beauty regime. Right now, Clinique’s beauty advisors are analyzing skin and ask dermatological questions about customers’ needs. By the end of 2019, other products will be added to the franchise.

Clarins My Clarins

Clarins launches My Clarins, a new brand of ethical and healthy skin cares, for the great satisfaction of women ages 18 to 29, the target group for this new Eco/vegan-friendly line.

Fruit and floral waters and plant extract with a host of benefits: this is the healthy cocktail offered by Clarins for its new beauty brand that it calls “the new generation of skincare”.

Made with care and cosmetics 2.0

With Made with Care, we’re taking another step towards Cosmetics 2.0. Created by Jean Michel Karam who made Ioma. M/C is a young, urban, fun brand that targets young women who want skincare but are also health conscious. This new line corrects certain skin problems and helps avoid the first signs of aging. A particular mention is attributed to its engagement in the fight against pollution and especially the dangers of high energy visible or blue light (H.E.V.), a main cause of aging.

Good in bed?

In 2017, we saw the retirement of our mothers’ night creams in favor of Sleeping Masks... and today they’re back!

Remember, in 2013, Prescriptives launched a super product, Good in Bed Skin Restoring Night Moisturizer, an efficient night cream that was ideal for winter and lightly colored skin tone with a hint of self-tan.

Today, Glamglow offers Good in Bed, a real night cream with passion fruit. Its formula is rich and generous. As soon as you open the jar, you are overwhelmed by the scent of passion fruit oil, which does not take away from the effectiveness of its AHA / BHA / PHA formula associated with hyaluronic acid.