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Beauty full service: The ambitions of the Swiss company Marvinpac!

A newcomer but not that unknown... The Swiss-based Company Marvinpac is already involved since 2016 in a joint venture with the French Group Strand Cosmetics Europe through MS Swiss Cosmetics, a supplier specialized in the design, manufacture and packaging of skincare products. But what, on the other hand is new, is the impetus given recently by the leaders of the Group in direction, precisely, of the cosmetics sector and, more specifically, make-up with, as a first geographic target, France. Overview with Vincent Isselin, Director of the brand new subsidiary, Marvinpac France.

Vincent Isselin, Marvinpac France

Vincent Isselin, Marvinpac France

A few figures first... In 2016, Marvinpac had sales of 45 million Euros for a workforce of 250 people, 23 million co-packed units and 11 million co-manufactured units.

Premium Beauty News - From where does Marvinpac originate?

Vincent Isselin - At the start, this Swiss company, created in 1999, was specialized in cardboard processing. As part of a proactive and supportive approach to our clients, we expanded our areas of expertise to offer more and more services over the years. From contract packing to conditioning including the creation of packagings and the development of accessories, the Company gained momentum naturally. Historically, with customers operating mainly in the food sector (including the largest, the Nestlé Group and its flagship product Nespresso. Then new markets gradually opened up, with the Pharmacy and, of course, the Beauty sector in the broad sense and more particularly skincare. Thus in addition to the opportunity offered by this joint venture in 2016 with the Strand Cosmetics Europe Group, Marvinpac decided to step up a notch its development strategy across the cosmetic spectrum, including make-up. The creation of the French subsidiary is aimed at accompanying Beauty brands with our global solution dedicated to custom packaging. A trade in which we stand as key player in Europe.

From custom packaging to design, manufacturing and management of accessories, to the production of rigid boxes, we are able to offer a turnkey service and premium quality throughout the value chain.

Premium Beauty News - What does your offer consist of?

Vincent Isselin - This is a high value-added service offering, with quality turnkey solutions, and an increasingly optimized "time to market". It is by relying on our purchasing organization, our project development department, our established partnerships with suppliers and our two industrial sites that we have been able, for years, to provide a service of excellence, ranging from pure co-packing operation to real full-service. In addition, all services are carried out in full compliance with the most stringent international standards in terms of quality, traceability and safety, thanks to a product quality supervised and guaranteed by a dedicated team in charge of the application of protocols and compatibility studies on behalf of its customers.
By establishing ourselves in France, the world’s cradle for high-end and luxury products, we aim to accelerate our development on the cosmetics market, among others and get closer to international brands. As I said above, in the continuation of the development of our cosmetic activities initiated 5 years ago, strengthened by the creation of MS Swiss Cosmetics in 2016, France appears today as a natural destination for us.

Ludovic Hericher, CEO of Marvinpac & Co-founder at MS Swiss (...)

Ludovic Hericher, CEO of Marvinpac & Co-founder at MS Swiss Cosmetics

Premium Beauty News - You have a specific organization?

Vincent Isselin - We rely on an integrated creative studio to design prototypes, packagings and carry out a certain number of tests inherent to the pack. We also have two purchase offices, one in Europe and the other in China, to qualify the best suppliers and the relevant raw materials in accordance with international standards. We also rely on our project managers, in charge of the entire development process, from the sourcing of components to the delivery of the finished product. Finally, we have two production sites, one in Switzerland and one in Czech Republic, to condition and pack products. Certified sites equipped with white rooms for the conditioning of skincare and make-up products. Finally, our "in and out" logistics platform guaranteeing optimal traceability, allows a delivery to markets thanks to internalisation, like for example "customs and duties" expertise.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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