The NYC headquartered company, which specializes in the creation, manufacturing and sourcing of beauty accessories and promotional items, recently announced it has been B Corp certified. Obtaining this label is part of the process of continuous improvement of the company’s environmental and social impact: a general trend within the cosmetics industry, but particularly strong in the accessories, gifts and packaging sectors where many products are imported from Asia and where consumers are more likely to express some rejection towards products that are potentially perceived as inappropriate.

By achieving this demanding certification, twelveNYC intends to demonstrate their commitment to meeting the highest expectations in terms of CSR.

In order to obtain and maintain a B Corporation certification, applicant companies must assess their environmental and social impact and achieve the minimum level of performance required by the B Impact Assessment specifications. They must also provide supporting documentation regarding the actual implementation of real responsible practices regarding energy supply, human resources, eco-design, diversity and transparency. “Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of operations across social and environmental impact. twelveNYC is proud to join this community of like-minded businesses committed to transparency and using business as a force for good,” highlighted the company in a statement.

To date, 4,900 companies have achieved the B Corp certification process worldwide.

This certification marks an important step in our journey, however it is not the last. We are committed to continuing to improve in all aspects of our business, but also to bringing the latest product and design innovations to leading brands. We’re just getting started," commented Katie Conovitz, twelveNYC’s CEO and Founder

The company will publish its third annual Sustainability & Responsibility Report later this month, with full details of its commitments and progress in this area. In the meantime, twelveNYC will participate in Luxe Pack New York, on June 15-16, 2022 at the Javits Center.