The French subsidiary of BCM group, member of Alliance Boots, has just invested in a machine for airless packaging, designed to produce 5ml airless samples. This is the second machine for airless packaging that is installed at the plant in Vitre in Brittany, but this time it will be specifically dedicated to the sample segment.

It’s definitely a ’plus’, says Marie-Christine Clerc, Sales and Marketing Director, at a time when demand for airless systems is increasing and where there is a real need for samples, need amplified by the fact formulas include less and less preservatives”.

Note that BCM France has invested heavily in recent months, both in the "foundation" units to comply with the FDA, but also in the "mascara" units by increasing in 2009 its production and packaging capacity, and finally, by installing last year, new machines for conditioning deodorant sticks.

The BCM group manufactures in Europe, with three production plants (Britain, France and Germany), over 400 million units annually and employs over 3,000 people, the whole of it using over 60 000 sqm of industrial buildings. The group develops, manufactures and packages beauty products for major cosmetic brands. BCM provides a full range of services and products for makeup, skincare products, derivative scented products, sunscreens and healthcare products.