BASF's “Innovative Skincare Journey” concept features one basic multi-purpose...

BASF’s “Innovative Skincare Journey” concept features one basic multi-purpose formulation which is adjusted in a second production phase.

Presented the latest Cosmet’Agora trade show in Paris, BASF’s “Innovative Skincare Journey” concept features one basic multi-purpose formulation which is adjusted in a second production phase. Various formulas can be created by carefully selecting additional ingredients (e.g. active ingredients) depending on the textures, senses and functions that want to be achieved. The aim is to help brands to address more easily the latest beauty trends.

According to BASF, by allowing manufacturers to focus on only few ingredients, this technique helps them to easily ensure high transparency levels to consumers.

Green ingredients

Like other suppliers of cosmetic ingredients, BASF has made the shift towards more natural cosmetic products. Naturalness is the leading growth driver of the cosmetics industry today. About 130 ingredients developed by BASF for personal care applications have already been registered with COSMOS and more than 50 of the products are evaluated according to the NATRUE criteria. “That makes BASF the largest provider of raw materials that are suitable for natural and organic cosmetic,” said the company in a statement.

Furthermore, BASF has reviewed its complete personal care portfolio according to the ISO 16128 standard criteria and calculating rules, providing manufacturers of cosmetic products with guidance and information on the degree of natural origin of the ingredients. [More than 250 of BASF’s personal care ingredients meet the ISO definition as natural or derived natural->,14103] with a share of at least 50 percent natural carbon atoms.

In line with this trend, BASF presented four new products on the occasion of Cosmet’Agora:

-  Euperlan® OP White, a wax-based, readily-biodegradable and cold-processable white opacifier dispersion for surfactant formulations.
- Cegesoft® Peel, an environmentally-friendly alternative to sharp-edged abrasives and non-degradable beads (often referred to as microplastic beads) consisting of spherically shaped wax beads that provide a gentle and mild exfoliation.
- Emulgade® Sucro Plus and Eumulgin® VL 75, two new emulsifiers both completely natural-based and approved by COSMOS.

The personal care market has become increasingly complex, evolving at an ever-faster pace. At the same time, consumers seek more transparency, particularly on the composition of a product and the details of the production chain. We support our customers in developing winning products that provide all the transparency consumers wish for,” said Marine Belthé, Marketing Manager at BASF Personal Care Europe.