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BASF: The 4 elements of personal care

All over the world, people are looking for products that help them look good and feel good. Well-informed and health-conscious consumers want to know they can trust the formulations they use. They expect them to perform as promised and provide a moment of nurturing.

“Today’s health-conscious and responsible-minded consumers want cosmetics that support their lifestyle and sense of wellbeing. Demand for sustainably sourced products that help protect and beautify skin and hair is increasing steadily.”

Dirk Mampe, Vice President Business Management Personal Care Specialties Europe, BASF.

We see huge potential for products that support natural beauty from within and a healthy sense of self-esteem. To serve the personal care industry in addressing these needs, BASF delivers solutions that perform in the four Personal Care Elements: Protect, Cleanse, Beautify, Maintain.

Protect: Considering that protection is a basic human need, it’s not surprising that stressful urban lifestyles are driving demand for products with protective functions. People want protection from pollutants, the sun’s rays and irritants. Demand is also growing for skin- and hair-care products with trustworthy protective performance.

Cleanse: Hygiene is another basic human need, and cleansing products with mild, natural ingredients have a special consumer appeal. People want solutions that gently cleanse and replenish the skin and hair.

Beautify: When we talk about beautifying, we want to define it as more than just outward appearance. Cosmetics and beauty treatments that enhance the individual’s natural good looks and provide a beautiful sensory experience open up new dimensions. Especially sought after are solutions that enhance natural beauty and support self-esteem.

Maintain: Personal care products that help maintain healthy skin and hair also provide a sense of nurturing. Products that moisturize and nourish the skin and hair fulfill this need. Fast-paced modern lifestyles leave consumers stressed and seeking comfort, making solutions with pleasing and pampering sensory profiles especially appealing.

in-cosmetics highlights

The four Personal Care Elements are not only the theme of the BASF booth (E40) at in-cosmetics, but also the topic of special events and exhibits during the tradeshow. The Innovation Zone (booth E60) invites visitors to explore new launches and draw inspiration for their formulations. Here, more than 100 products are showcased, including the anti-aging active ingredient for hair, DN-Age®.

At the Formulation Lab®, BASF offers hands-on interactive training for R&D laboratory staff. In a special training session, experts demonstrate how to formulate a gentle shampoo with excellent foaming properties and wet and dry conditioning qualities. The formulation highlighted uses mild alternative surfactants and a natural conditioning polymer combined with a conditioning booster, a synergistic thickener and an APG®-based pearlescent concentrate.

BASF is also hosting two technical seminars, one focusing on our new galenic-based skincare solution and another looking at the UV filter solution Tinosorb® S Lite Aqua. The first topic is especially relevant due to the effects of pollution on skin health. The galenic-based solution helps reduce the adhesion of particulate matter, creating a first line of defense. The second seminar offers insights into the advantages of the UV filter Tinosorb® S Lite Aqua, a solution based on a unique water-encapsulating technology that brings broad-band UV protection to the water phase.

Sustainability in focus

The responsible lifestyle trend continues to influence the personal care market, driving consumers demand for natural cosmetic brands. BASF focuses on increasing sustainability and providing solutions to serve this growing market. The approach is reflected in the Palm Dialog, which BASF is hosting for the third time. The panel discussion offers personal care ingredients suppliers, cosmetic manufacturers, retailers and NGOs a platform to discuss recent developments in the palm-based oleo-chemical industry.


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