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Ingredients & formulation

BASF presents solutions inspired by people’s everyday needs

At this year’s In-Cosmetics trade show, which was held in Paris last month, BASF displayed its wide range of ingredients, in particular a new active ingredient proposing a dual approach to light up the contour of the eye. The raw materials supplier also unveiled the second level of the Care Creations brand roll-out and launched its new formulation concept “Cosmetics for real life,” which is based on personal care solutions inspired by consumers’ actual needs. BASF will also showcase its novelties at the next NYSCC Supplier’s Day, which opens its doors on May 14-15 in Edison, New Jersey.

Consumers’ daily needs

The second level of BASF’s Care Creations brand roll-out, which was presented at In-Cosmetics in Paris, shifted the focus towards observing consumer needs and desires. BASF analysed market research data and transformed them into real-life products.

We are looking at people’s demands up close, as though we are standing face to face with them,” says Thomas Schroeder, Vice President Business Management Personal Care Europe at BASF. “That way, we can identify opportunities for new, unique performance ingredients that, on the one hand, are of real value for consumers and, on the other hand, help our customers find success on the market.

Thus, along with this second level, BASF unveiled “Cosmetics for real life”: a new formulation concept filled with products that have been inspired by people’s diverse everyday needs. Actually, BASF employees have been involved in the project by participating in the face-to-face interviews, thus contributing to the definition of consumer’s new day-to-day needs and individual preferences. Furthermore, some of them were selected to illustrate the different concepts.

Over the course of a single day, people assume a number of roles based on their culture, environment, interests and the opportunities available to them. Going to work, raising children, and enjoying hobbies - everyone has many various facets to their life, each of which involves different needs and desires,” explains the company.

Dual approach to light up the contour of the eye

Beauty Creations, the cosmetic active ingredient business of BASF, presented Shadownyl, a seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) extract designed to combat both the formation of wrinkles and “dark circles” around the eyes for a fully refreshed and enlightened eye contour. Shadownyl utilizes a novel biological pathway targeting heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1), an enzyme involved in the reduction of free heme content in the skin - a major cause of dark circle formation. In addition, Shadownyl was shown to exhibit antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It also showed very good in vitro results for collagen type-1 stimulation activity, which may lead to a skin re-plumping effect.

After 1-week treatment, Shadownyl incorporated at 2% in an eye cream (...)

After 1-week treatment, Shadownyl incorporated at 2% in an eye cream formulation significantly provides a 3D anti-wrinkle effect in three dimensions: length, surface, and volume

Two clinical studies, conducted on 27 and 22 volunteers respectively, highlighted Shadownyl’s ability to visibly decrease the coloration associated with dark circles across the eye contour area. Shadownyl also demonstrated a three-dimensional anti-wrinkle effect in just a one-week treatment.

Natural anti-odour cosmetic active

Beauty Creations also showcased plant-based Freshaxyl, a natural anti-odour active for the growing deo market. Freshaxyl is a synergistic blend of Moringa polypeptide extract and plant-based glyceryl laurate, which helps to dramatically reduce bodily odours.

Freshaxyl bacteriostatic activity slows down the proliferation of microorganisms and Moringa has detoxifying properties which help to capture odours,” says BASF. The active ingredient’s ability to significantly reduce perspiration-related odours has been clinically demonstrated and is comparable to that of a market benchmark product.

Body cleansing with built-in skin protection

Another new ingredient on display at this year’s In-Cosmetics was Lamesoft® OD. A micro emulsion made up entirely of renewable raw materials to enrich body cleansing products with finely dispersed oil. The oil remains on the skin after washing, supporting natural skin protection.

New high-performance UV filter

BASF also launched Tinosorb A2B, a broad-spectrum UV filter which provides protection from UVB and UVAII wavelengths from 290 through to 340 nm. “Thanks to its superior UV absorbance capabilities, it is now one of the most efficient UV filters available on the European market, and closes the protection gap in the UVAII range that wasn’t covered by UV filters available to date,” claims the company.

Hair care ingredient

Eventually, BASF introduced Luviset One, the latest addition to its hair care portfolio. According to the company, this all-in-one solution for hair styling gels, creams and waxes delivers strong styling performance, long-lasting curl retention and provides a smooth, crystal-clear gel base.

BASF will also feature these new personal care technologies and market concepts at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers’ Day on May 14-15 at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition centre in Edison, close to New York.


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