The latest addition to BASF’s Verdessence family of biodegradable and biobased solutions is a plant based sensory powder with small particle size that helps reduce the oiliness of personal care formulations providing “a smooth and powdery light skin feel.

Natural alternative to synthetic sensory modifiers

Produced from non-GMO rice, Verdessence RiceTouch [1] can be used in different types of formulations. Its capacity to absorb oils makes the ingredient ideal for shine control and mattifying effect on the skin. “Stickiness reduction and spreading enhancement are additional benefits,” said BASF in a statement.

This natural biodegradable alternative to synthetic sensory modifiers addresses the needs of natural and organic cosmetic formulators. It is suitable for face, body and hair care and can be combined with colour cosmetics and sun protection, suggests the company.

Sensory is an important attribute for consumers when it comes to the selection of cosmetic products. With Verdessence RiceTouch, we use one of nature’s offerings of bio-sourced alternatives to synthetic sensory modifiers. We are delighted to deliver an ingredient with high performance and excellent sensorial properties, while meeting the demand for sustainable cosmetic products at the same time,” states Dr. Natalia Chudinova, Marketing Manager for Market Development Face/Skin Care at BASF.

Sustainability benefits

Like other members of the BASF’s Verdessence range of biopolymers, Verdessence RiceTouch is made from natural and renewable feedstocks and is readily biodegradable (according to OECD standard).

Produced in the European Union, Verdessence RiceTouch does not contain any preservatives and no chemical modifications are needed during the production process. The natural origin index (NI) of the ingredient is 1 (NI=1 according to ISO standard 16128) and it is approved by COSMOS and NATRUE.