Presented on the occasion of the latest edition of the Cosmetagora tradeshow, which was held on 13-14 January 2015 in Paris, BASF’s new anti-ageing formulation concept targets the specific needs of French beauty products consumers, which were identified in a large sample of beauty products users.

Exploring consumers’ desires

Actually, BASF has conceived a series of formulas adapted to six consumer archetypes derived from the results of a study carried out with TNS Infratest on 1,223 French women aged 25 to 75. All of them were regular users of anti-aging face care products, applying them at least once a week, and were also decision-makers or co-decision-makers when it came to brand purchases.

The women were put into one of six groups based on their personality, emotional needs and purchase motivations, as opposed to external factors. Each group (“Energetic”, “Perfect”, “Professional”, “Protected”, “Authentic”, and “Creative”) therefore reflects the predominant needs of women.

Customized solutions

The “Authentic” consumer, for example, places special emphasis on products that employ natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly. She strives for natural-based, effortless beauty. “As a result, her anti-aging face care products need to be straightforward - with no need to fuss or spend a lot of time in front of the mirror,” the ingredients supplier explains

In order to illustrate the solutions that can be offered to these women who favour likable, trustworthy brands offering good value for money, BASF has tailored the “Authentic Boost” formulation a dry yet nourishing anti-aging oil containing natural-based ingredients and combining easy skin hydration with non-greasy, velvety smoothness.

Another illustration of this typology, the “Professional” consumer is described as disciplined, conservative, down-to-earth. She sees beauty as a science. “Accordingly, she is drawn to technically advanced products that live up to high scientific standards and to brands associated with innovation.

In response to this consumer’s personality profile, BASF has developed the formulation “Beauty Manager”, a repairing anti-aging night cream. According to the company, the soft gel cream helps accelerate the skin’s natural regeneration by means of biological and enzymatic exfoliation during sleep. Two active ingredients boost its efficacy: Neurobiox™, an achillea millefolium (commonly known as yarrow) extract that resynchronizes cellular neuro-dialogue and X-Pressin™ C, an advanced exfoliating system. The contained combinations of emollients and emulsifiers give the gel cream a fluffy texture and provide a cooling and luxurious feeling.