Creativity is the magic of originality. It is the ability to go beyond, using imagination to give birth to endless possibilities and to develop new ideas capable of turning into concrete objects. Creativity is the combination of two essential elements: imagination and action. It means thus to innovate through a new perception which goes beyond the product itself. Imagination is at the base of the creativity and enthusiasm that Baralan applies in the continuous development of new ideas and innovative solutions.

Baralan’s motto is Cosmetic Packaging Solutions: the concept of solution clearly explains how Baralan supports its customers with the development of a project and the creation of complete packaging sets characterized by an original, eye-catching and contemporary design. Design is tangible imagination that goes beyond the limits of creativity.

Therefore, Baralan’s packaging is the result of a relevant creative process, of research, of experimentation and originality, and the result of an active listening to market requests, combining elements of functionality, aesthetics and usability. Starting from a simple sketch, Baralan experiments the most complex graphic processing and works in partnership with the key players of its value chain to realize its own products. The constant comparison with specialized teams sets the base to create reliable, versatile and quality sets of packaging, studied in every detail with related accessories. The creative driver turns out to be thus a fundamental feature for Baralan.

Creativity is the art of choosing and, for Baralan, it is expressed also by the endless possibilities to personalize a packaging. This is done through the development of a customized design as well as an endless variety of decorating techniques. Design has multiple features: it is expressed through the study of shapes and sizes, but also through the innovation of materials and of the accessories studied for different intended uses. Linear and rounded shapes that express elegance and sophistication, are alternated with rectangular and squared shapes that give modernity and appeal to the product. A visual appeal which comes also from the creative details of the finishes obtained through various decoration techniques and from the choice of colors that allow to switch from the delicate effect of frosting to solid colors, or from simple transparency to soft shades.

From glossy to matt, from opaque to degradé, from metallic to the most varied shades of colors: there are many possibilities to make each product unique and precious, personalized in every detail. First of all, varnishing that thanks to its versatility ranges from glossy to opaque, from full color to degradé. Metallization however, shiny or matte, never goes out of style and it is synonymous of prestige and high quality, reaching its climax with gold and silver brightness that create an elegant and refined effect. A delicate satin effect is instead the result of frosting, a simple but timeless treatment. Baralan’s added value however is not limited to colors or decorations’ finishing: the surfaces of the products are enriched also thanks to sophisticated techniques, such as silk-screening and hot stamping, that characterize the product with logos or texts transforming it in a finished packaging, ready to contain and protect the cosmetic formula for Skincare, Make Up or Fragrance.

Creativity means thinking out of the box and seeing the world in a different way to make the difference. When creativity turns on, ideas come alive and the result is a packaging which amazes and fascinates. For Baralan, being creative means to have the ability to go beyond the ordinary and to develop products with the right balance between experience and innovation.