With 30 million euros in sales expected this year, the Baralan group will be ending 2010 in progress compared to the previous year.

The Baralan group now employs a staff of 105 people and comprises five separate companies. In addition to the traditional design and distribution activity of standard packaging in Europe, the group features Labor Plast Moulding (plastic injection), Gloss Tech (surface treatment, coating, metallization), Inovo Design and Arrowpak in the United States.

Standard glass bottles constitute the main market of the packaging activity itself, and include the bottles for conditioning nail polishes, which still represent 65% of Baralan’s turnover! On this segment, the Italian company offers the bottle but also its accessories, including of course, the closures equipped with their brushes. To be noted in this regard, the announced release, early 2011 of new products for skincare and make-up.

"On this market of standard glass bottles," confessed executives at the headquarters in Milano, "our assets, compared to large global players in the glass industry, still remain in a wide variety of choice and our swiftness and quality of service."

With forty five agents in the world and a very strong presence to all international exhibitions dedicated to the beauty sector, Baralan continues to rely on the strength of its network and the broadness of its range to reach all segments of a large and diversified customer base.