Mario de Lugi, B.Kolormakeup

Mario de Lugi, B.Kolormakeup

"This is a brand new building," underlines Mario Luigi, co-founder, "in which we installed all our powder activity and several research laboratories. We also divided, in the form of independent workshops, the different production types." The current site of Treviglio will continue to house the other remaining research laboratories and the production of products in an emulsion form.

A growth in surface and a growth in figures!

With a 40% increase in its turnover last year, compared to the previous year and a 2015 start to the year particularly tonic, B. Kolormakeup & Skincare is unquestionably reaping the fruits of its past years’ innovation and investments policy. "An increase in activity, which forced us to step up last year, again the number of production machines," explains Mario Luigi. The other ingredients in this winning recipe, we were told at the Head Office, being, research, innovation and business strategy.

B.Kolormakeup & Skincare has just started operating its second...

B.Kolormakeup & Skincare has just started operating its second production unit with a surface of 7,500 sqm (80,700 sq.ft.)

"We are a small company with all the advantages of flexibility and proximity and we want to preserve this exception," insists Mario Luigi. "It is not a question of growing for the sake of growing. We have earned the trust of customers who rely on us and our service capacity."

Commercial successes, which are of course directly related to the Italian company’s product development strategy. "One of our strengths,” insist company officials, “is to continue to develop ourselves drawing our inspiration from what is happening around the world, especially this so-called ‘natural’ trend, through the development of high performance organic products. A research work, which started ten years ago, and which is for us a source of great satisfaction and concrete orders. To date, among the latest examples of innovations, we have developed a new range of products, called ‘second skin’ that perfectly expresses this need for invisible perfection."

The company's turnover grew by +40% in 2014 compared to the previous...

The company’s turnover grew by +40% in 2014 compared to the previous year

With this in mind, B. Kolormakeup will present around forty new products at the next MakeUp in Paris tradeshow. Not to be missed...