Givaudan Active Beauty has launched B-Biome Score, a new label that evaluates how microbiome-friendly cosmetic ingredients are.

Scientifically based rating scale

According to the manufacturer of cosmetic actives and specialities the new rating scale is fully transparent and accessible across the beauty industry. It is “scientifically demonstrated, backed by a scientific publication [1] and endorsed by a dermatological expert.

The assessment of a given active ingredient is based on three criteria:

 Short-term impact after one application on the skin;
 Cumulative impact after several days’ application on the skin;
 Resilience of microbial viability after stopping application.

The results of the B-Biome Score are indicated by letters ranging from A to E.

The label will be progressively adopted to Givaudan’s portfolio of active ingredients.

High demand

In recent years, consumers have become familiar with the skin microbiome trend whose benefits are now in high demand,” said Givaudan Active Beauty in a statement.

A recent global study [2] conducted by Givaudan Active Beauty demonstrated that 84% of consumers found the B-Biome Score certificate innovative; 79% of those surveyed would be willing to buy a beauty product that carries it.