Holy basil is attributed a wide variety of traditional uses. These include rejuvenating, tonic and revitalizing properties and generally contributes to longevity and a healthy life. The plant is considered as an “elixir of life”.

Considered as an adaptogen plant, holy basil can mitigate the potential adverse effects of stress on the body by inducing relaxation while providing a sustainable, lasting energy. [1]

Inspired by its traditional uses and benefits, Expanscience sources holy basil in Thailand (in the Chiang Mai region). Extracted from the leaves and rich in polyphenols, Ayuredi is a 100% natural [2] and COSMOS Approved [3] active ingredient.

Ayuredi protects the skin against daily stresses (internal & external) and restores the skin’s balance for a serene skin!

Ayurveda & the exposome

Ayurveda, the 5,000 years-old holistic medicine and oldest in the world, is based on the balance of your doshas (mind-body connection). Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the three doshas that represent your physical processes, personality and emotional traits. On those three depend our serenity, health and longevity. They are brought to change through life, depending on the exposome and can thus reflect your skin profile.

The exposome is indeed the compilation of environmental & lifestyle stress factors, including a wide range of factors such as UV light, pollution, nutrition, psychological stress, lack of sleep... Despite being very different, all these factors have one thing in common: they lead to chronic, persistent and underlying inflammation. This phenomenon is also known as inflamm’ageing. As a result of inflamm’ageing, the skin’s defense system is exhausted, the skin structure is weakened. In details, this amounts to collagen and elastin fibers degradation and the alteration of the skin barrier function. As a result, the skin then shows visible signs of ageing that worsen with time and contact to the exposome: wrinkles’ deepening, skin sagging and loss of radiance.

Exposome accelerates skin ageing by unbalancing the skin homeostasis.

Studies conducted in twins demonstrate that approximately 25% of the variation in human longevity is due to genetic factors, while the rest is due to individual behavior and environmental factors.” [4]

This means the exposome represents roughly the remaining 75%, and that we can still have an impact on!

Ayuredi protects the skin from the exposome

Induced by exposome, oxidative stresses’ impact on skin is very well detailed in the literature, and the appearance of visible signs of ageing caused by barrier function alteration, DNA damages, cell energy production decrease, to name just a few, are confirmed by numerous studies. [5] Oxidative stresses can be induced by pollution, UV light... But psychological stress also is highly responsible, and increasingly so as the stress levels increased these last few years.

These impacts are a result of high cortisol levels, which is the main stress hormone in our body. When exposed to chronic stress, the human body secretes high levels of cortisol through the HPA Axis. High cortisol levels result in high levels of ROS (especially Nitric Oxide, aka NO) that impact the skin further down the road.

In cortisol stress conditions, results show that Ayuredi protects the skin by decreasing the production of ROS. Moreover, this protective effect is also significant on the hydrolipidic film as lipid peroxidation levels are maintained to a regular level under pollution stress with Ayuredi.

The skin barrier function is thus maintained, and the skin regains its healthiness.

Ayuredi increases skin’s own defenses

Telomeres are the caps at the end of each DNA strand, protecting it. They are famous ageing markers, as their length is shortened every time the cell gets replicated, through time.

Expanscience’s in vitro studies demonstrated that Ayuredi can restore the cellular synthesis of glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant in our organism. Glutathione is also known to trigger telomere growth.

By increasing the skin’s own defense capabilities, Ayuredi preserves it from ageing.

Ayuredi boosts skin’s energy

Mitochondrial functions can be disturbed as a result of the exposome stresses’ negative impacts. [6] As the main energy factories of our cells since mitochondria produce ATP, the energetic intermediary compound essential to cellular life.

Mitochondrial damages lead to a decrease in respiratory capacity and cellular energy production and then ultimately to cell ageing and senescence.

Under pollutant stress, Ayuredi shows ability to protect mitochondria and restore their essential functions.

Ayuredi’s in-vitro results confirmed by a clinical study

Conducted on 2 groups of 22 and 23 women (average 53 years old, phototype I to III), a 56 day-long double-blind clinical study (Ayuredi 3% vs placebo) demonstrated significant results:

 wrinkles are visibly reduced (crow’s feet: wrinkles’ area -13,2% and wrinkles’ length -13,9%)
 skin firmness is improved (tonicity +14% and elasticity +15%)
 skin texture is improved
 complexion regains its radiance and is unified

Ayuredi, a truly holistic anti-ageing active ingredient:

 Densifying the dermal matrix, the skin is plumped, and wrinkles are smoothed,
 Strengthening the barrier function, the skin complexion regains its glow,
 Restoring skin’s balance, the skin is soothed.

Reducing the inflamm’ageing, Ayuredi protects the skin from the exposome: the skin is visibly healthier and regains its serenity.