With 24 different shades, a new ultra-light texture and an orginal small size format, Lancôme’s new “Rouge IN LOVE “ is out to conquer lips everywhere. The packaging was developed by Axilone, the subsidiary of the Ileos group specialized in plastic injection and metal stamping.

Axilone’s challenge, and the idea behind the technical solutions under consideration was to create the smallest lipstick possible that was still heavy to the touch.

It all began with the cap. To get a weighted effect without changing its shape, Axilone chose a solution of two weighted tips with very fine walls, one in metal and the other in aluminium.

The same objective went for the closure. A small plastic piece inserted at the bottom of the tube caused ‘click’ of the locking system. This technical feat meant that nothing stuck out of the tube, which would have made the outside of the cap more cumbersome.

In terms of finishing, the cap is doubly anodized, both matte and shiny, and is engraved as well. Lancôme’s symbolic rose is engraved flat on the top and even more delicate, a frame with straight lines is engraved on the cylindrical shape. On a silver base, the name of the lipstick appears on the front and stitching on the back is silkscreened in red.

The cap slides on an aluminium tube, which also features a weighted tip. The base resembles a wedding band with a round, inflated shape obtained by embossing and features the engraved brand name. One last detail is a border in pearlescent grey ink obtained using rotation pad printing, which imparts a finishing touch to this lipstick.