For this project, Axilone mastered a dual technical feat: injecting the massive surlyn cap in a single process without distortion, and its injection into a 12-cavity mould without creating an imbalance.

To succeed the first step, Axilone used its experience in cavity counter-distortion with a process developed in-house. The result is that the top of the part is perfectly flat. Furthermore, the cap has a streamlined design with a discreet point of injection at its base.

The second challenge: to design a 12-cavity mould (the ideal number for this kind of project) while taking into account the need for a perfectly balanced injection process. Axilone applied its moulding experience and its rheology tools. “An expertise we have had for a number of years that allows the company to offer moulds with 6 or 12 cavities, in addition to the traditional moulds featuring 4, 8 or 16 cavities,” underlines the French company.

For decoration and assembly, Axilone focused on integrating processes. The injected ABS [1] galvanized gold ferrule is laser engraved to attain a high level of definition on an automated, robotic line. This line deconditions ferrules, engraves them, does a visual quality control, then reconditions them. Cap and ferrule are then assembled and conditioned on an automated line. This same line visually controls the ferrule’s engraving as well as its positioning, in addition to controlling the assembly of ferrule and cap.