L’Oréal Luxury Product Division has entrusted Axilone (Ileos Group), a specialist in packaging components in both plastic and metal for cosmetic products, for the development of two lipstick packs for its prestige brands.

Yves Saint Laurent Pure Couture is a beautiful golden lipstick with the “YSL touch”. The cubic design with perfect angles is achieved in aluminum with a very deep stamped cap. The decoration is anodized gold. The logo is engraved partially and covered with a red silk-screen.

The other one, Rouge d’Armani is deep black, inside and outside, with a pure white-hot-stamped logo. For the new version of the pack, Axilone used less magnets, in an ecofriendly awarness. Two inverted conic parts are perfectly adjusted when closing, giving the impression of finesse and precision.