Avon is going vegan with its newest skincare launch. The beauty giant has unveiled The Distillery,’ a five-piece collection of eco-conscious skincare solutions that are free from animal products and “harmful” chemicals.

The series includes a ‘Clean Break Cleanser,’ a ‘Purify Facial Oil,’ an ‘SPF 2F Day Cream,’ a ‘C-Shot Powder’ and a ‘Sleep Potion Night Cream.’ The products feature low-water formulas and recycling packaging, where possible.

’The Distillery’ by Avon (Photo: © Courtesy of Avon)

Vegan-friendly beauty products are on the rise in the industry, in alignment with a growing consumer demand for socially-conscious formulas. The L’Oréal-owned makeup brand Dermablend Professional recently announced plans to eliminate animal-derived ingredients from its formulas to ensure that they are 100% vegan, while the retail giant Primark unveiled a vegan cosmetics line last month. Kat Von D Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury and Millie Bobby Brown have all launched vegan beauty products over the past few months.