For dressing up its new anti-aging product, Avon has selected Fusion Packaging’s Axis twist-to-open airless package.

Decoration was a key component to the collaboration between the American beauty brand and the Dallas-based packaging supplier. The end result is a highly reflective, colour intense appearance to Avon’s Anew Reversalist Firming Serum package.

The outer bottle was injected with a translucent red using FusionMatch Decoration Technology while the inner bottle features a mirror spray decoration that was used to capture the appeal of a reflection. The UV metalized shiny silver pump and matching hot stamped decoration.

The Reversalist Firming Serum is part of Avon’s Anew Clinical collection, containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid anti-aging technology. Because of the serum’s cutting-edge ingredients, the brand needed an advanced bottle to store and protect the formula. The airless Axis bottle, available in 15 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml capacities with a 0.23 ml output level, was selected after exceeding Avon’s thorough testing procedures,” explains Fusion Packaging.

The Axis, which has been “designed with sustainability in mind”, does not require an overcap and is available with or without a base. The airless package is highly customizable with plenty decoration possibilities, including silk screening, hot stamping, UV metalizing, colour injections and custom sprays.

The Anew Reversalist is available in Poland and other Eastern European markets.