Avon Cosmetics, best known for its army of representatives selling from their homes, has opened the doors of its first retail store in Warsaw, Poland.

Located in the Zlote Tarasy shopping centre, The Avon Studio, designed in partnership with London based design consultancy, Umbrella, delivers a beauty playground in which customers can immerse themselves in the entire portfolio of Avon’s products.

Each area has been zoned to create a space that draws customers further into the store. Fragrance, the company’s bestselling category has been located at the back to entice exploration, while the explosion of colour cosmetics at the front calls out to younger audiences looking to experience Avon for the first time. A ‘Wow Wall’ takes on promotional duties presenting offers to customers, providing gifting ideas and telling the story of Avon.

We wanted to challenge the preconceived ideas of what Avon beauty should look and feel like,” said Katarzyna Szczepanska, Head of Sales Centres and Business Development, Avon Cosmetics. “This is self-select beauty on a grand scale, showcasing Avon’s vast product selection in a beautiful environment that honours the discerning tastes of our customer.