Nearly a hundred employees, a fleet of three offset printing machines and one for screen printing, complemented by an equipment for gold foil stamping and peeling, CulTech has become in a few years time a bridge-head for the Autajon group in the U.S.

"Operating mostly in the perfume - cosmetics and spirits segment, explains Olivier Brigaud, the Director of the U.S. site, with a folding box offer and, for a year now, with a set box and rigid box offer, we intend to use the expertise of the Group in the field of pharmacy and drugstores to push further our investigations in the U.S. market."

Duplicating orders on both sides of the Atlantic

Main investments earmarked this year at the plant in South Plainfield, (NJ), the installation of a complete new manufacturing line. "And regarding the U.S., says Gilles Poncato, a member of the senior management, it is clear that the Group’s other expertise, namely the manufacture of labels, will also be exploited in this territory in the next coming years. What is important and useful is to be able to provide a comprehensive service for our international clients on both sides of the Atlantic. We prove every day that we are able to perfectly duplicate the orders on either continent."

Among the latest launches to which the "transatlantic" Autajon Group took part, the complete line of make-up cases for Calvin Klein.