With 15 factories in Europe and an annual turnover of almost EUR 300 million, the Autajon group, is now one of the World’s main manufacturer of folding boxes, set-up boxes and labels. A huge accomplishment for this family-owned company based in South-East France, which made three new acquisitions last year: a labels manufacturer, Les Etiquettes Bois de la Dame (EUR 2 million of turnover), Durero, a Spanish cardboard manufacturer (EUR 20 million of turnover), Meulemans, a Belgian cardboard manufacturer (EUR 30 million).

While Autajon was initially a cardboard manufacturer, the group currently realizes 18% of its whole turnover in the labels. Its main markets are the beauty sector (40% of the turnover), the health sector and the wine and spirits. “Our next target, is probably in eastern Europe,” a firm’s spokeperson told Premium beauty News.

The year 2008 should also count new acquisitions, but it should be mainly oriented by the reorganisation of manufacturing facilities with the aim to address the new sustainable developments stakes. By the end of year, for instance, all the group’s manufacturing plants should be FSC certified.