ACCORD, Australia and New Zealand’s cosmetics association, is calling on the government of Australia to amend laws relating to sunscreen and cosmetic products so that companies are required to indicate when nanomaterials are present.

According to ACCORD’s proposal, nanomaterials in cosmetics and sunscreens would be indicated in the list of ingredients by the word ’nano’ in brackets. Actually, this requirement would be similar than the labelling rule that the new EU Cosmetics Regulation will introduce when it comes into effect in 2013.

ACCORD says its proposal was tabled with the Australian Government at a meeting held with Health Minister and Health Parliamentary Secretary last June. The proposal was subsequently sent to Consumer Affairs Minister and Industry Minister on July, just days prior to the calling of the federal election.

However, given the political uncertainty that followed Australian elections, industry was concerned that this proposal could remain in limbo for a considerable time and decided to disclose all the details to Mps and consumer stakeholders.