The Australian Federal Government has pledged to end the testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals in Australia and the sale of cosmetic products and ingredients that have been tested on animals outside of Australia. “Australians don’t want to see animals hurt unnecessarily. This brings us into line with the EU and produces consistent streamlined policy," said Key Wyatt, Assistant Minister for Health and Age Care. "We acknowledge animal testing is essential in certain scientific contexts such as medicinal drug development but we want to make sure that it’s only used in ethically justifiable circumstances," he added.

This announcement follows a two-year campaign by animal welfare groups, including Humane Research Australia and Humane Society International.

We’re thrilled that following motions recently passed by both the Senate and the House, the Government has now promised specific legislation to ban cosmetics cruelty. There is a growing global trend towards eliminating the sale of newly animal tested beauty products and their ingredients, and the announcement will put Australia on the map as the next country to say NO to cosmetics cruelty,” said Hannah Stuart, for the #BeCrueltyFree Australia campaign.