Aurélien Chaufour, ANJAC General Manager

Premium Beauty News - You started gaining strength in the health-beauty sector in 2008, ten years ago.

Aurélien Chaufour - Absolutely. That year, we opened a new chapter in our history when we created the Health & Beauty ANJAC division. And within only ten years, we purchased and developed eight complementary innovative companies in the fields of beauty, pharmaceutics, and natural food supplements. Together, they achieve a 200-million-euro turnover and count 1,100 employees across eleven production sites in France.

These companies are:

 Shadeline, a laboratory specialized in the R&D of dermocosmetics, parapharmaceutical products, and class I and II MDs
 Chemineau, also a laboratory specialized in the development and bespoke production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products, as well as medical devices (CDMO)
 Euro Wipes, one of today’s major players on the wipe market, who now offers a whole range of soaked wipes and cotton pads, some of them being class II medical devices
 LPEV, specialized in phytonutrition and micronutrition. They innovate thanks to their expertise in plants
 SICAF, a partner of major luxury cosmetics brands renowned for their know-how in tailor-made formulation, manufacturing, and packaging
 Aircos, an expert in the field of makeup powders, but also a plastic injection specialist, among others
 Lastly, Pascual Cosmétiques, a specialist of cast and liquid shapes for makeup

Premium Beauty News - Two of these acquisitions, Aircos and Pascual, helped you gain a foothold in the makeup world!

Aurélien Chaufour - Definitely, and we are really delighted! You know Aircos is now shifting into high gear, as they are doubling their production site in Romorantin, France, with an operating surface area of 4,600 m2. With their back injection process, Aircos can really assert their expertise in terms of container/content compatibility. This process highlights all the ingredients’ properties (in particular of pigments and mother-of-pearls) and provides astonishing softness and brightness.

As for Pascual Cosmétiques, they are specialized in lipsticks and liquid forms for makeup (foundation, gloss, eyeshadow, nail polish). Created in 2010, the company achieved a six-million-euro turnover in 2017, a result that tripled in three years. As their offering gradually diversified and their R&D activity grew, they were able to provide more and more comprehensive a service offering. In 2017, they purchased a new building in Ferrières-en-Brie, France, to enhance their production: a 5,000 m2 plant next to an R&D laboratory.

Premium Beauty News - You have always asserted your passion for industrial business and management. It seems you will not stop here, will you?

Aurélien Chaufour - It may sound a bit ridiculous, but it is true! I have a real passion for the industry and the men and women that make it thrive. Development and innovation are real drivers for me. It is also fascinating how we can play with the synergies between these different entities – they are actually great.

But, did you say “stop”?! Certainly not. We will keep making progress on all segments, in particular in the cosmetics and dermocosmetics sectors. We are at an advanced stage of negotiations with several other companies. No doubt we will soon make an announcement.