Beauty platform and digital makeup app Perfect365, Inc. has teamed up with Hot Tools hair appliances to let users virtually test out six different hairstyles using augmented reality technology. Each look can then be recreated with an in-app guide and certain Hot Tools products, such as curling irons, a curl bar and a vapor flatiron, which can also be purchased within the app.

Perfect 365 on Instagram - Photo: © Perfect 365 / Instagram

"Many women want to experiment with their hair, but are unfamiliar with the tools and techniques needed to achieve their desired results," said said Vickie Wei, Director of Marketing for Perfect365, Inc., in a statement. "As a result of this partnership, Perfect365 users can not only try on different hairstyles, but they can experiment at home using the right Hot Tools product and video tutorials teaching them how to achieve the look."

Several major cosmetics brands are exploring augmented reality apps to deliver innovative retail strategies. - Photo: © Peter Bernik /

Augmented reality technology has seen a meteoric rise in the beauty industry lately, with several major cosmetics brands exploring the concept to deliver innovative retail strategies.

Earlier this year L’Oréal partnered with the YouCam Makeup app to allow worldwide consumers to virtually try out shades from the company’s brands online, while in July Estée Lauder launched a lipstick chatbot for Facebook Messenger designed to let consumers to test out different lipsticks virtually, and advise them on their purchases. But one of the biggest recent developments came in August, with the news that technology provider ModiFace had created a web-based skin assessment platform that allows users to get a ’virtual skin diagnosis’, complete with recommended product purchases.