In the continuation with the renewal of their image initiated at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Gotha Cosmetics will present a brand new booth at MakeUp in Paris, with a structure entirely enveloped in painted fabric using an exclusive technology made in Italy.

Moreover, Gotha will also launch a new wave of innovation under the “Realignment: Move Fast, Embrace Low” macro-concept, focusing on products that feed the need for wellbeing and security. Within the macro-concept, Gotha identified three main trends: Dare to Care, Green Lab, Meta-disruptive.

Driven by the understanding that the beauty ritual is a very intimate, personal and almost spiritual experience, the Dare to Care micro-collection proposes product solutions dedicated to consumers who want to rediscover their love for cosmetics, embracing makeup that is both special and practical. This collection promotes the joy of makeup, offering products that support self-expression and connection while leveraging multifunctional makeup hybrids.

Focused on meeting the highest standards set by the most demanding consumers, the Green Lab collection is on the mission to deliver beauty results that go equally skin-deep as they are impactful on the surface, with a minimized environmental impact. The collection addresses those consumers who are sophisticated, knowledgeable, and curious but also uncompromising in terms of safety, quality and environmental-friendliness.

Finally, the Metadisruptive collection is a phygital avant-garde collection. “By 2024, consumers and brands will inhabit increasingly fluid realities, moving seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds. This new circular existence will inspire new phygital aesthetics, while the acceleration of beauty into the metaverse will unlock unlimited possibilities for consumer and products interactions: accessible virtual beauty experiences that make everyday tasks simpler and more enjoyable are unlocking a new world of beauty experiences,” said Gotha.