Ethical sourcing and biodiversity will be under the spotlight at the 3rd Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, hosted in Hong Kong on 11-13th November 2013. “By casting the spotlight on the environmental impact of cosmetic ingredients, the summit aims to raise awareness and encourage sustainable sourcing in the region,” says Organic Monitor, the event organizer.

Amarjit Sahota, fondateur et Pdg d'Organic Monitor

Amarjit Sahota, fondateur et Pdg d’Organic Monitor

According to the research and consulting company, rapid economic development and industrialisation have had a heavy toll on Asian ecosystems and many cosmetic ingredients are produced in Asia by expanding agricultural frontiers to virgin terrain. With Asia experiencing unprecedented economic growth, some argue that environmental degradation has been a worthwhile price to pay for rising prosperity. Proceeding speakers will give best-practices in raw material ethical sourcing, showing how economic and ecological development can be intertwined.

Dr. Muhammed Majeed, founder of international ingredients firm Sabinsa, will set the tone for the summit with his opening keynote on sustainable sourcing. He will explain why a major ethical dilemma Asian countries face is “economic advancement or conservation.

Novel green ingredients, especially those originating from Asia, will also be featured. The healing properties of ayurvedic ingredients like neem and amla in cosmetic products will be highlighted. Another paper looks at the use of traditional Chinese herbs in modern skincare products. Dr. Fred Zuelli from Mibelle Biochemistry will discuss the sustainable harvesting of actives from agricultural raw material. Other topics include marine ingredients, emerging natural actives, and sustainable processing methods.