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Asia, an unwavering appetite for conquest

A few days spent in Asia show clearly that Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese make-up and skincare manufacturers are doing well. It is true that all indicators are green. Korea is still as attractive through its innovation and dynamism, Taiwan is one of the leading countries in terms of packaging processing and of a constantly developing Full Service offer, while the creation of brands in China continues to gain momentum, acting as a efficient growth driver for the domestic market and Japan is starting to open itself, albeit timidly, but nonetheless certainly, to overseas offers, some Japanese manufacturers even venturing in industrial investments abroad. The proof with hand-picked examples.

Taiwan: a still predominant industrial influence

To say the least, this small island, often subjected to clouds and rain, is still directly or indirectly in control of the Asian subcontracting industry. Everyone knows that its inhabitants have shaped and continue to shape the Asian packaging industry and are now increasingly involved in Full Service. The biggest players in mainland China are often Taiwanese natives. For the past several months, a number of Taiwanese manufacturers operating in the sector have also had a tendency to relocate on their island, "less risky", they claim. Anyhow, big or small businesses alike, industrial investments are continuing apace.

This is the case with Capicolor, a small family owned business with a staff of 80 people created in 1972 and specialized in the manufacturing of eyeliners (5 million per year) but also eyebrow pencils (3 million per year), and for the past two years of eyeshadows. All products considered, the Company sells about 200 million units per year. Main customers: China, followed by Dubai Japan, India and other South-eastern Asian countries, not forgetting Britain and Sweden.

The concept of Full Service continues to prevail in Taiwan like elsewhere. As a proof, the exponential growth of the firm Time Source, at first, twenty years ago, a packaging manufacturer for the beauty industry and who progressively but resolutely shifted to a Full Service offer. Fifty people, twenty injection moulding machines, five million dollars in sales, the Taiwanese Company which manufactures make-up compacts but also mascaras, will post this year a 25% growth in sales thanks in particular to its Full Service offer that it intends to further expand by offering more options.

The commitment towards investment is the same at Cosmeti (16 million dollars in sales, 70% generated by the U.S. market and the remainder by Europe), another family owned business, specialized in the manufacture of make-up compacts, which employs 70 people and which is about to acquire a second brand new plant (operational by the end of next year) representing a total investment of 3 million dollars, with on top of it, a population of injection machines that will jump from 20 to 35 units. Note that moulds are all manufactured in-house.

China: the Beukay/Marie Dalgar "phenomenon"

China, precisely, that will keep on making the headlines in the next few months with its dynamism and the fast creation of news brands accelerating by the week. Among the latest examples to date, the Beukay Group, both a subcontractor and owner of several brands, was created in 1997 by a brother and his sister, Gary Cui and Masa Cui, behind the creation, among others, of the brand Marie Dalgar, a big hit not only in China but also in the whole Asian continent, and which aims to conquer the rest of the world. A brand whose growth has been close to 60% over three years. A brand specialized in make-up products with a development based on traditional circuits but also (and thoroughly) on e-commerce with a team of nearly a hundred people fully dedicated daily to the job. A well-oiled sales and marketing strategy that leaves nothing to chance, combining both a presence on the ground, one-day promotional actions in malls, and trendy events. The main strike force of the Beukay Group both a subcontractor and brand creator: its three production sites spread over more than 25,000 m² of buildings and employing more than an thousand people, three R&D centres based in Shanghai, Tokyo and Paris. Main assets of the Group, its two leaders, Gary Cui and more particularly Masa Cui. "Coming from a non cosmetic background, reads the Company’s presentation folder, there were many ups and down in the beginning of Masa. But her dedication towards the brands development, unique sense of vision, and her passion towards beauty make Marie Dalgar what it is today. Through constant innovation, artistic concept and the integration of inspiration, she has committed to build the brand into a top-notch artistic make-up brand in China".

Japan: the pioneering spirit of Nippon Shikizai

The news had made the headlines a few weeks ago: The Japanese Group Nippon Shikizai announced the acquisition of the French Company Orleans Cosmetics, specializing mainly in the production of make-up powders. A Japanese Group created in 1957, with a staff of more than 750 people, whose turnover increased by 60% in three years and who had already bought in France, in 2000 the Thepenier Pharma Industrie Company. A group that can boast today an annual production capacity of more than 3,600 tonnes of liquid formulas, over 2,000 tonnes of pasty products, 350 tonnes of powders and 30 tonnes of hot-poured products. The Group is showing its commitment to growth in Europe but also in the United States and China.

Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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