Ashland Specialty Ingredients is launching a set of 11 sample formulations to support innovation in colour cosmetics. From longer-lasting waterproof mascara to more vibrant shades of lipstick and eye shadow, Ashland’s Color Essentials program aims to address today’s consumers demand for bolder colours, extreme wear resistance and enhanced sun protection.

From UV-protection and ease of use to wear resistance, a range of benefits are required to fulfill consumer expectations,” said Sarah Thiewes, global marketing launch leader, skin care and sun care, Ashland Specialty Ingredients. “The Color Essentials program enables product formulators to effortlessly deliver products that offer these functionalities, as well as improved sensory benefits and deep, rich color. By developing products based on the Color Essentials sample formulations, color cosmetics manufacturers can leverage our expertise to tap into the growing market for premium products.

Among the sample formulations is long-lasting waterproof mascara that delivers excellent wear resistance and protection from moisture through the use of Ashland’s Ganex polymer. Other formulations, such as a gold/plum eye shadow and a shiny red lipstick boast vibrant colors and a rich sensory experience with Ceraphyl esters. Ashland also highlights a foundation containing its Escalol UV filters “that offers superb coverage while protecting skin from damaging radiation.” The other sample formulations include lip balm and cream, makeup remover and mousse blush.