While men continue to have body hair removed or cut in order to improve their appearance, sales of men’s body groomers are up 74% over the last two years, according to The NPD Group. Other trimmers, like ear, nose, and pen trimmers, have also grown retail sales by double-digits from the 12 months ending September 2020 through 12 months ending September 2022.

According to the market research firm, sales of men’s body groomers and trimmers reached new heights during the early stages of the pandemic when men emerged from pandemic lockdowns with months of body and facial hair growth to remove! For example, in the 12 months ending September 2021, body groomer sales increased by 62% compared to a still sizeable 7% growth in the year ending September 2022, according to NPD’s ongoing tracking of personal care product sales.

Intergenerational phenomenon

Although Gen Zs, ages 18 through 24, have been credited with popularizing this “manscaping trend”, buyers of body groomers and men’s trimmers represent all age groups.

Fueling the manscaping trend are innovative manufacturers who recognize the need for specialty trimmers designed for different body and face areas,” says Joe Derochowski, NPD home industry advisor. “The need was always there, and these manufacturers addressed it and brought it to the forefront, and consumers are responding.