Italian brand Arval Cosmetici has chosen packaging from Linea Glam for its new Antimacula Sca Complex line dedicated to the shine and beauty of skin tone.

The line’s packaging has been built upon the IPU airless series. More specifically, Arval has opted for a 30 ml bottle with a double wall (PP + SAN) and a technologically advanced airless pump. Decoration was made using a "Heat Transfer" technology, a method allowing the application of a specific film bearing images ready to be screen printed and hot-marked.

Arval also chose Linea Glam flexible PE tubes for the Antimacula scrub and face fluid, as well as for Les Actifs, a full range of products dedicated to the beauty of the body.

Linea Glam is confirming its strategy of penetration of the European market aiming at high-end customers by offering increasingly numerous and sophisticated articles: 16 lines of airless bottles, 7 lines of acrylic jars and also PE bottles, flexible tubes and a range of fully customizable aluminium or brass luxury compacts. Our goal is to remain in a selective environment towards clients that are looking for particularly exclusive packaging. This is why our Italian team is dedicated almost entirely to the sourcing and development of cosmetics packaging that satisfy the most refined and selective tastes,” said the company in a release.

Also, Linea Glam has announced the upcoming launch of its new website that will allow not only to showcase the company’s products, but also to communicate regularly on its research and development operations.